What’s so good about WordPress?

1. It’s a platform for the people

WordPress is arguably the most popular CMS on the planet today, powering some 75 million websites worldwide. It’s evolved massively since it first arrived on the scene 15 years ago. Back then it just an innocative bit of Web 2.0 (!) blogging software. Today it’s used on 30% of the world’s Top 10 Million sites. So while it did start originally start out as a blogging platform, it has slowly evolved to dominate the CMS (content management system) market. It’s a very flexible platform, allowing you toc reate many diferent types of sites from simple brochure or portfolio sites to complex membership sites, directories and even highly advanced eCommerce. Many top brands including Facebook, Disney, Sony, Time Magazine and The New York Times leverage WordPress to great effect.

2. WordPress is FREE*

Download a copy of from WordPress.org right now if you like. Better still, use your hosting account’s 1 Click install to load it up automatically. Once that’s done you log into new site’s Admin Dashboard and off you go!

*WordPress itself is FREE to download and install. You only have to purchase a domain name and a good web hosting plan. For info, your domain name is your website’s unique address on the World Wide Web. It’s what a user types to access your site (eg eaziwp.com). Your hosting account is where all your site files are stored on the server. Nowadays your website also requires a valid SSL Certificate to show people your HTTPS site is secure with an encrypted connection, even if you aren’t actually selling items or services directly online. An active SSL Certificate displays a green padlock icon in your visitors’ browser automatically. Most browsers now display a “not safe” warning when visiting a non-https website which won’t do wonders for your brand’s credibility!

3. It’s easy to change Your styling

WORDPRESS THEMES Ranging from FREE to Premium, there are approximately 15,000 to 20,000 WordPress themes available today. So whatever the purpose of your website (you might want to run a webshop, blog, or a business service) you’re sure to find a theme that fits your site like a glove. Most are very easy to customise using the aptly named CUSTOMISER. Many also have special THEME OPTONS panel (located in the WordPress dashboard) which allows you to change all sorts of other things like section backgrounds and header colours. All in a couple of clicks. You don’t have to touch even a line of code to do it. That is, not unless you really want to! WORDPRESS PLUGINS Plugins add extra functionality to your site. Things like form builders, member sections, advanced eCommerce, social sharing, extra security… The list is endless. In fact, you’ve some 29,000 themes to choose from. You’re sure to find one you like ; )

4. Google loves WordPress

FACT. WordPress guilt to be SEO friendly from the ground up. Add a good quality, well coded theme and an SEO plugins (like Yoast’s SEO) and you’ve got killer bit of kit right there ready to go. Keep it updated regularly with fresh content for the search engines to index and you’ll be flying forwards in no time. You do have to work at this though. You can’t just sit back and twiddle your thumbs today! The good news is WordPress makes it all very easy for you to do.

5. It’s easy to maintain

Being Open Source, WordPress is always evolving and improving. Major system upgrades (like last year’s WordPress version 5.0) are released regularly and these need to be applied when they arrive. All software is vulnerable – ask Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to tell you all about it! So you need to keep your site securely up to date. You can configure WordPress updates to be applied automatically on release, but we always recommend performing manual upgrades for peace of mind. Always remember to back your site up first. Or you can ask your developer to do it for you. Themes and Plugins also require updating from time to time.

6. It’s safe and secure

Prevention is better than cure. So it’s prudent to make sure your site is locked down tight to keep out any unwanted visitors be they human hackers or software bots. WordPress is easy to secure if you know what you’re doing. Once again, it’s worth having a chat about it with your developer. He’ll know exactly what to do.

7. It’s media rich

WordPress lets you publish almost any kind of media content on the web: text, images, pdf files, spreadsheets, video, audio… you name it. Just use the uploader to fetch it from whatever device you’re logged in with. Nowadays you can even embed Instagram photos, YouTube videos, SoundCloud audio files and Twitter tweets by pasting simply their URLs into any post or page. Done.

Wrapping Up

Everything above is really only the tip of the wonderful WORDPRESS iceberg. Hopefully it’s tempted you to try it out for yourself. In tomorrow’s email we’ll show you how easy it is to install WordPress on your server. You’re going to love it!