How to use EAZIWP.COM video Tutorials

Everybody's different. And we find it's always start with the BASICS as these are the essential building blocks you'll need to help you figure out how WordPress thinks. It won't take you long! Once the basics are in the bag you're ready to take on more ADVANCED stuff like setting up a WooCommerce WEBSHOP on your site, for example, so you can start selling things online.


Practice your new skills regularly (on a working site) and you'll be surprized at just how quickly your abilities advance.


While this might work with something like the very addictive Game of Thrones series, there's perhaps too much information here on EAZIWP.COM for you to take everything on board in one dragon-like gulp. It may even be counter-productive. Remember, these video tutorials are here to be watched as often as you like - at any time you like - with neither time limit nor restriction. So while it's extremely tempting to order in a skipful of popcorn before settling down on the sofa to become familiar with ALL the intricacies and inner workings of the world's favourite little CMS, we strongly recommend that you at least consider...




Much better! For example: Choose ONE ELEMENT on your site which needs some attention today. Say you want to work on making your MENU structure ultra-intuitive so your visitors are going to find it so much easier to move around your site. Just watch that series of videos with APPEARANCE > MENUS open on another device (or browser tab) and you'll have it fixed in no time. This works particularly well if you're learning how to optimize your site for the search engines so people can find your site in Google for example. Again, watch the videos with your site open in front of you. Implement as you go. You've got everything you need right there in front of you...


Most people own more than one device

We recommend logging into your EAZIWP.COM membership account on your smaller device (eg your mobile phone or tablet) with your WordPress open for editing on your laptop or desktop monitor. Browser-wise we recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Place your smaller device next to your bigger device. Switch off your Facebook / Instagram alerts it'll help you to focus ; ) Find the tute you want and just press PLAY. NB If yoou've only got access to a PC or Mac that's OK too. Just open 2 different tabs in your browser window: one for your website and one for your EAZIWP.COM tutes. Then toggle in between.

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