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WordPress is Arguably the World's most popular Content Management System, currently powering some 75 million websites around the globe.

Yes, WordPress is the Planet's favourite CMS...

But... UNLESS you're an experienced WordPress user already (or you happen to know somebody who is one) you're probably madly clicking around right now trying to figure out just HOW to piece together a fully functioning WordPress website all by yourself. Don't worry though. You're NOT alone!

Everyone's first time on WordPress usually goes something like this...

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You've heard all sorts of amazing things about WordPress and you're excited to save money by using it to create your own website. You're keen to get it out there in front of your audience quite soon. So you're in a bit of a rush.

EAZIWP.COM_WordPress 5+ Video Training For Total Beginners


You enter your WordPress dashboard. Only where do you start? Pages? Posts? Links? You're wondering, “How am I actually going to do this?” and "What are all these crazy little block things supposed to do?" Panic sets in...

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So you head over to Google where you spend hours searching for tips. The articles you find are all out of date though. And none of the YouTube videos are beginner friendly. In fact, you've no idea what they're talking about...

And Relax

We Know Your Time Is Valuable

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So We've Eliminated All The Obstacles

Master WordPress in Minutes

Whether this is your very first encounter with WordPress, or you've recently come back to update an existing site after some time away, EAZIWP.COM has got all the answers. Discover 125 carefully recorded, completely up to date WORDPRESS TRAINING VIDEOS. All designed to help you to get your WordPress project back on track!

WordPress Training for Beginners in Newcastle upon TYne

Breeze Through The Basics

Beautifully Narrated* Video Tutorials including the NEW Block Editor







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*no umming and arring

Save time. Develop new WordPress skills. Refresh your memory if you've been away for a while.








Become an Advanced User

Discover These Videos

We want you help you bash down your learning barriers so you can use your new skills to move ahead. And fast! So once those all-important BASICS are in the bag, these ADVANCED USER TUTORIALS will show you how to add EXTRA VALUE to your site using World Class WP plugins like WOOCOMMERCE, BEAVER BUILDER, YOAST and GRAVITY FORMS...

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Learn how to use these amazing Premium Plugins

WooCommerce is THE ULTIMATE WordPress eCommerce platform

WooCommerce is great for selling all kinds of different things online. Sell physical products or digital downloads, gifts, fashion items, original artwork, prints, CDs, DVDs, online courses... Manage stock and shipping, take secure payments - all from the comfort of your own WordPress dashboard. Our extremely easy to use official WooCommerce video tutorials crafted with beginners like you in mind. Quickly understand how to a fantastic fully working webshop on your own website. Sell locally or globally. With WooCommerce there are literally NO limits...

Beaver Builder is a premium WordPress PAGE BUILDER plugin

This advanced "deluxe" site enhancement is deeply loved by Web Design Professionals and Digital DIY Enthusiasts alike. Once installed, it actually replaces the default (Gutenberg) Block or Classic Editors entirely. And suddenly page designing becomes an absolute pure delight! No more saving and hoping for the best when you preview your work. Editing is effected in REAL TIME - at the front of the site - so What You See Is (literally) What You Get. Our video tutorials show you how to use each BB element from adding / editing rows to adding modules and so much more...

Yoast's SEO is one of the world's most wildly popular WordPress plugins

It’s easy to understand why! Whether you’re running a self-hosted personal blog or business website, this extremely powerful SEO tool helps you crank up your site's search engine-friendly-ness to the max. Our very easy to understand video tutorials show you how to do things like change your page titles and meta descriptions, influencing the way the search engines like Google index your site for the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS). As they say back at Yoast HQ in The Netherlands, "Yoast is SEO for Everyone. We want to give everyone the opportunity to rank in the search engines"

Gravity Forms is considered to be the most powerful WordPress FORM BUILDER plugin available

Need a little more control over the ways your forms function and display? This drag-and-drop form builder makes creating forms on your WordPress website an absolute doddle. Clearly presented settings and options give you almost granular control - including the ability to create multiple notifications per form. These video tutorials show you how to build and publish Gravity Forms on any page or post. You'll learn how to select and name fields, configuring your form options and settings to fit your website's purpose - and your customers' requirements - perfectly.

ARRIVING MAY 2019 ::: DIVI is a stand-alone Drag & Drop WordPress page builder plugin

Like they say, "Building stunning WordPress websites has never been easier. Divi gives you endless layout possibilities. Take control over your page content with the most advanced builder plugin on the market. With the Divi Builder, there is nothing you can't create." It's very easy to use, too. These official (bonus) video tutorials were created by Divi's own developers to help new WordPress users quickly get to all that is good and more. You're welcome! Divi can be used to create beautiful and fluid layouts inside content areas of any size and shape. What will you create with Divi?

EAZIWP.COM Dvi Builder Elegant Themes plugin WordPress video tutorials

Get To Grips With Google

Add Official Analytics Tutorials

Learn Google Analytics Video Tutorials

Why Do you need Google Analytics?

If you have a website you should be using Google Analytics. In fact, getting tracking set up on your new website is of ultimate importance. It provides you with granular intel on who's visiting your website (demographics, location, interests...) as well as revealing which devices and browsers they're using too. This will help you to discern which pages are the most popular and which ones are converting the most. Our videos show you how to set up your Google Analytics account, add tracking code, interpret your data and more...

Master WordPress In Minutes

Perfect for New WordPress User

Whether you’re having trouble with WordPress Basics like posts, block editing, navigation and formating text, or more Advanced Functionality like building (and optimizing) professional looking pages and configuring a working webshop, these videos will rapidly reduce your WordPress learning curve, helping you to build and manage a magnificent website your audience will love.

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Dip In And Out When It Suits You

Unlike many eLearning systems out there DON'T have to complete every single module before you can UNLOCK the part that's stopping you moving forwards. You just locate the ELEMENT you need to fix and JUST PRESS PLAY. All your tutorials are automatically updated to reflect the latest stable WP release. Right now we're rocking WordPress 5.1.1 which shipped in February 2019.

Using Your Favourite Device

EAZIWP.COM is 100% responsive and completely mobile-friendly, so you can sign into your account using practically ANY kind of any smartphone, tablet, phablet, laptop or desktop device running Android, Apple or Windows operating systems. No problem. Ready to take back COMPLETE CONTROL of your website?

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Let's Get Started

WP Guarantee


We're supremely confident that you'll love the way EAZIWP.COM helps you to get things done fast. However, if you feel you’re not seeing what you want to see just email within the first 14 DAYS of your purchase and we’ll happily provide you with A FULL REFUND.

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